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As a true brokerage, APL Insurance offers numerous types of coverage for all industry professionals; we take your application to our most experienced and competitive carriers and we provide you with the best terms available for the best coverage. 

While we specialize in Errors and Omissions and Professional Liability coverage, we are also very well versed in Cyber Liability, EPLI, General Liability and Workers Compensation. At APL Insurance, we are here to serve you. 

We specialize in the pursuit of competitive Errors and Omissions terms for our clients; we offer our clients top of the line E&O and Professional Liability coverage to ensure we are matching your needs appropriately. 

Our reach for Professional Liability extends to numerous industries including Insurance Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, Real Estate Brokers and Engineers.

From corrupted flash drives to theft and hacking, Cyber breaches and claims have become significantly more prevalent within the professional industries; recent attacks have left many businesses with more problems than solutions.

Cyber isn't just limited to the internet exposure; cyber breaches happen all of the time and can include the loss/theft of a business laptop, malware exposure, database breaches, and so much more! For more information, click Here!




Employment Practices Liability is an insurance that affords coverage for claims of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, invasion of privacy, breach of contract, emotional distress, false imprisonment, and hour/wage violations.

Insurance Agents E&O Coverage

Workers' compensation is an insurance system that pays benefits to workers injured on the job to cover medical care, part of lost wages and permanent disability. In return, employers may receive immunity from civil lawsuits by employees over such workplace injuries.

Lawyers Professional Liability

Architects & Engineers Professional Liability

Let the Professional Liability Insurance experts work for you.  For all design professionals, we can be a one stop shop whether your needs are professional liability, EPL, D&O or fiduciary let us help.

With our wide array of carriers, let the specialists create a Professional Liability policy for your needs.  No matter the type of law that you practice,  we can customize a policy for you.

We have developed a simplified online process for individuals writing life/health that includes an option for annuities and securities.  The online process takes about 5 minutes from start to finish and you receive instant proof of coverage. 
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With access to the top carriers in the industry we are confident we can find the best available terms for your practice.  We realize that your time is valuable.  It is our goal to make the quoting process as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Life/Health E&O Coverage for Individuals

Accountants Professional Liability Coverage

We have policies to fit any type of agency in this landscape.  We understand that needs of any real estate agency are constantly changing so we work with our underwriters to ensure that the policies keep up with the change in the marketplace. 

Being a Professional Liability Specialist, we fully understand your needs.  We will analyze your situation to personalize a plan that meets all of your objectives.  Whether you focus on Property & Casualty, Life & Health or both, we have the carriers to meet your goals. 

Real Estate Agency E&O Coverage

The Services Available FOR our Clients